Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 3, September 2023, Pages 129-250 
Review of Intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatment factors and influence on the success rates

Pages 129-134

Samah Amer Hammood; Azhar Shyaa Youns; Shaymaa Hussein Jaber; Zahraa S. M. ALkaabi

Hematological alterations in Egyptian farmers occupationally exposed to pesticides

Pages 135-141

Hany Khalifa Desouky; Nashwa Mokhtar Hassan Rizk; Huda Elsayed Mahmoud Said; Reham Mahmoud Abd El-Azeem

Ameliorative effects of frankincense oil on rats treated with a minimum toxic dose of paracetamol

Pages 155-175

Aml Talaat; Yomna A. Elgendy; Heba F. Mohamed; Nouran M Saed; Noran A. Abd Elrouf; Hend A. Elgendy; Hagar H. Elbalakousy; Nourhan N. El hantoshy; Mohammed S. Elmezaien; Youssef M. Sayed; Yosry El . Hekal; Mohamed A. Gabr; 1. Nada S. Badr

New predictive tools for liver fibrosis among non-apparently contaminated heavy metal workers

Pages 195-207

Nabil Mohie Abdel-Hamid; Mona Mohammed Abdel Hamid; Ahmed Abd El-Naser Mohamed; Ahmed Hassan Abd El-Salam Mohamed

Synergistic effect of avenanthramides and cisplatin co-treatment in Ehrlich ascites carcinoma-bearing mice

Pages 208-223

Karim Samy El-Said; Areeg Ahmed AbdelHai Elrahmawy; Hamed Adel Ibrahim Abosharaf

Anti-Obesity Activity of Carotenoid Extracted From Sea Urchin Paracentrotus lividus

Pages 224-237

Noha M. Samak; Gihan M. El-Khodary; Eman H. Radwan; Maha M. El kateb; Amal Z. Ghoneim

Comparing honey quality by estimating the activity of diastase enzyme for honey samples in the Saudi markets

Pages 238-250

Zeinab Abdel daim; Abeer Mohsen; Samira Awad; Alawia Elmashay; Ahmed A. Rawwash; Waleed A. Ghaly