Aims and Scope

Journal of Medical and Life Science (JMALS), (Print ISSN: 2636-4093, Online ISSN: 2636-4107). It is published by the Society of Pathological Biochemistry and Hematology, it is a quarterly multi-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal designed for the prompt publication of articles, in English, refereed e-journal, and Manuscripts reporting original results in any field of Medical and life science including (but not limited to): The thrust research areas include medicine, pathology, hematology,  biochemistry, biology, clinical pathology, microbiology, parasitology, molecular biology, immunology, bioinformatics, biotechnology, anatomy, biodiversity, pharmacology, taxonomy, embryology, ecology, physiology, histology,  genetics, genetic engineering, phytochemistry, Biophysics, Toxicology, nursing research, public health, community,  and any other related areas in the subject are suitable for publication. The journal articles will be accessed freely online. JMALS is a self-supporting organization and does not receive funding from any institution/government.

Journal of Medical and Life Science (JMALS) is a Scientific Journal that provides a stage for the publication of review articles, research articles, mini-review articles, case reports, editorials, and short communications based on the innovative research in fields and sub-fields of medical and life science.

Journal of Medical and Life Science (JMALS) welcomes meritorious scientific articles in the relevant field to broadcast their research in our peer-reviewed Journal. We promise you that, all the articles submitted to this journal will be thoroughly reviewed by the peer review committee to maintain utmost quality and the accepted innovative articles will be published online and can be viewed all over the world free of charge.