Can platelet yield be predicted before the donation in plateletpheresis? A study on the impact of donors’ and procedural parameters on platelet yield

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1 Department of Pathology, NSC Govt Medical College, Khandwa (MP), India

2 Demonstrator, Department of Pathology, NSC Govt. Medical College, Khandwa (MP), India

3 Ex senior resident, Department of Radiodiagnosis, Index Medical college and Research center , Indore (MP)

4 Professor, Department of Pathology, JIS School of Medical Science and Research , Santragachi, Howrah (WB), India


Background: Platelet transfusion plays a critical role in thrombocytopenic patients. Platelet concentrate was prepared by using apheresis technique (SDP), and its efficacy as platelet yield was correlated with donors’ demographic variables.

Objectives: To analyze the impact of donors' demographic variables and machine related parameters on platelet yield and To evaluate the relation between run time and anticoagulant infused to the donor as it is related to the donor’s safety.

Material and Methods:

A retrospective observational study on plateletpheresis from July 2019 to December 2022 was carried out in a blood bank of Khandwa region (MP), India by using Trima Accel automated blood collection system. Donors were selected based on guidelines laid by the Drugs and Cosmetic Act. Pre-donation parameters and procedural characteristics were noted and the correlation of these variable with platelet yield was analyzed.


Platelet yield varied from 2.0 to 4.5x 1011. Pre-donation platelet count (PC), platelet distribution width (PDW), and volume processed had a significant positive correlation with platelet yield whereas mean platelet volume (MPV) had a significant negative correlation with platelet yield. Run time was also positively correlated with AC infusion to the donor.


Patient recovery in thrombocytopenic patients is dependent on the quantity and quality of platelet transfused which is related to platelet yield. Pre-donation variables like Platelet count, and other parameters affecting the platelet yield.

Thus, by this study we conclude all these parameters can be considered by blood banks to obtain high yields in lesser time and to ensure donors' safety.