Giant bladder stones : Cases from a Late Consultation

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Centre hospitalier universitaire Ibn Sina


Bladder macro-lithiasis, although rare, is a significant clinical entity requiring considerable attention. A bladder stone weighing >150 g and a diameter of >5 cm is a rare finding, and are usually associated with bladder outlet obstruction, urinary tract infections, or the presence of intravesical foreign bodies and are rarely associated with renal failure. It is therefore essential to recognize the risk factors, establish an accurate diagnosis and implement appropriate management.

We present 3 cases of bladder macrolithiasis diagnosed in a particular social context. Three male patients presented with dysuria and hypogastric pain that had been developing for several years and only consulted when the symptoms became very severe. Medical imaging led to the diagnosis of bladder macrolithiasis occupying almost the entire bladder. Extraction by suprapubic cystotomy was performed in all cases. Postoperative management was uncomplicated. These observations highlight the need for late consultation in a society where questions relating to the urogenital sphere remain taboo.