The effect of Rheumatoid Arthritis on Eye Health

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Optics Technique Department, Universal Al-Farabi College, Iraq


An autoimmune disease called rheumatoid arthritis (RA) mostly affects the joints, but it can also damage the skin, eyes, and lungs. RA patients can have dry, irritated, or gritty eyes. When the body's immune system unintentionally targets healthy tissues, RA develops. It primarily targets the collagen-containing connective tissues in joints. Collagen is also present in certain areas of the eye, including the cornea, which is the transparent tissue in front of the eye, and the sclera, which is the white component of the eye. These tissues can also occasionally be impacted by RA. Certain drugs that physicians take to treat RA may potentially aggravate eye disorders. This post will examine the symptoms and illnesses that RA may produce, how it affects the eyes, and how medical professionals handle them.