Evaluation of NS1 Antigen Detection for Early Diagnosis of Dengue in a Tertiary Hospital in Warangal, Telangana, Southern India

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kakatiya medical college


Introduction: In the acute stage of the illness, a timely and accurate diagnosis of dengue is crucial for the start of treatment as well as for the early improvement of epidemic control measures. This research was done to assess the effectiveness of the NS1 antigen assay in the early detection of dengue infection.

Materials and Methods: This was a retro prospective study conducted at Virus Research and Diagnostic Laboratory at KMC in Warangal, Blood samples were taken from inpatients and outpatients at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital's Tertiary Care Hospital.

Results: During the study period 3886 samples were received from cases clinically suspected to have dengue fever. Of these 166 (4.27%) of these samples had serologically positive 86 (51.8%) patients were male, and 80 (49.19%) were female. The age group between 0 and 10 years (34.39%) was the most affected, followed by 11 to 20 years (27.71%). Most of the cases in this study were recorded during the post-monsoon

Conclusion: NS-1 Ag assay is a useful tool for early diagnosis of dengue virus infection. 166 (4.27%) of these samples had serologically positive results. Children were more afflicted than other age groups, and men were more affected than women. Following the monsoon season, there was an increase in the number of positive cases. Clinicians should be highly suspicious of dengue fever from July to December so they can make a possibly life-saving early diagnosis.